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    Stamps are authorized impressions or marks utilized for the prepayment of your tax or fee. It is an official mark or seal indicating a blessing, ownership, or payment of tax. A history of stamps may be traced to the sixteenth century. The initial official royal mail office was opened in England in 1516. Later, mail was required to earn for by the recipient rather than sender; this technique proved too problematic for anyone due to resulting preponderance of undelivered mail. The idea of adhesive postage stamp was created by James Chalmers in Great Britain in 1834. Brazil issued stamps in 1843, plus the usa, the adhesive postage stamp was officially issued in 1847.

    The world’s first prepaid postage stamp, called Penny Black, was issued on May 6, 1840, with the profile of Queen Victoria printed about it. Rowland Hill invented the very first adhesive postage stamp. By and also by, stamps picturing various personalities, instances and festivals had become issued. Stamps brought in a new brand of hobbyists called philatelists. Stamps have undergone many changes and from now on one can choose from sizes, designs, and formats.

    Revenue stamps are an indirect way of collecting taxes. Many documents like contracts and agreements are to be affixed with revenue stamps. Revenue stamps are much older than postage stamps historically.

    Today, stamp collection is a popular hobby among children in addition to adults around the globe. Old and rare stamps can be bought and bought at high prices, occasionally vast amounts.

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