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    An Lac Green Symphony can be found in Truck Canh Commune, Hoai Duc Area, Area. Hanoi with more than 1059 villas, nearby … 21 condo properties with varieties of duplex cottages, single holiday villas. adjacent, shophouse, condominium.

    The deciding factors to buy An Lac Green Symphony villa:

    The frontage from the street is organized to get diamond ring 3.5 attaching from Street 32 (Hoai Duc) to Thang Long – Le Trong Tan Boulevard (Ha Dong).

    The frontage of Xuan Phuong 70 neighborhood with 8 lanes large will be expanded and completed.

    Immediately hook up My Dinh – Cau Giay with only 10-20 minutes generate.

    In 2023 Hoai Duc will legally visit the Region to «leveraging» to enhance real estate rates.

    Enjoy a sequence of planet-class establishments: Intelligent going swimmingpool and kindergarten, reception hall, restaurant, gym and spa, and many others. In addition, with 8 huge and modern vehicle parking floors.

    Sophisticated home security system, professional protection crew designed with contemporary equipment are installed with 3-level security.

    Please visit the website anlacgreen-symphony.com.vn to register to visit the model house if you are interested in the project of An Lac Green Symphony villa.

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