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    Protection compartment

    The compartment for protection employees may become a comfortable room, give defense against the vagaries in the conditions, and is also appropriate for relaxation and eating. Simple to provide with movie security equipment. Furthermore, the protection compartment may be partly converted into a checkpoint.

    Benefits associated with a security alarm box

    Flexibility. Easily moves on the car platform if needed.

    Comfortable circumstances. The insulated compartment using a water heater can be used all year long.

    Durability. Metallic body with contra –deterioration coating.

    Measurements. The properties can be enough for arranging a place for rest and work of employees.

    Refueling box

    A compartment stuffing station is really a gas station that is designed to refuel autos with water engine gasoline only. The tanks can be found over ground, the gas dispenser is situated in the fuel storage space box.

    Container-kind service stations are mostly utilized to promote gasoline the two in the metropolis and away from city. Pot-sort service stations are certainly not a funds building facility, therefore they will not call for design and style, construction and land function.

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